What do you expect from a lady who used a tortilla as a hat for her baby?! Jill Duggar has made her fair share of food snafus, but fans have never been more outraged than they were on June 19, when Jill called a quesadilla a burrito.

Jill posted a new recipe for her "easy pan-fried bean and cheese burritos," which were basically just a tortilla filled with toppings, folded over, fried in a skillet, and cut into pieces. You know… like a quesadilla. Fans can't believe that despite spending time immersing herself in Hispanic and Latin culture, Jill still doesn't know the difference between these two very popular but distinctly different foods.

"Burrito ?? even living In Latin America you didn’t learn the difference between burrito and a quesadilla hahaha, that’s a quesadilla," said a giggling commenter. Jill did spend time in the Latin American country of El Salvador while on a mission trip, but even then, Jill probably would not have been exposed to burritos and quesadillas there because they are a traditionally Mexican food.

Luckily Jill had some backup. "If you watch her stories she says she calls them burritos because that’s what her mom called them growing up and that she understands it’s basically a quesadilla," wrote a fan. "I think it’s cute that she still calls them what her momma does!"

The quesadilla wasn't fans' only complaint with this Mexican meal. She also posted a homemade guacamole recipe to go along with the main dish, and fans had an issue with that, too. "WTF take the pit out??" said a fan who was horrified that Jill left the center of the avocado in the dip. "Actually JUST STOP!!! BUY SOME DAMN GUAC YOU'RE HURTING ITS REP." However, for once it looks like Jill actually taught her followers something, because there's a reason for the pit. "She is leaving the pit in the bowl once the guacamole is finished being prepared because it helps the avocado not turn brown so quickly," said a suporter. "Have no fear… she’s not feeding avocado seed to her family."

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