Poor Jill Duggar seems like she’s really having a rough go of it lately. After hinting in an exhausted video rant that she’s a little overwhelmed by her kids, the Duggar daughter seemed to finally have things under control when she took them to Sam’s Club for a little grocery store outing, but things quickly went wrong. While the mom of two was pushing her kids and her cart up and down the aisle, she accidentally banged her ankle on the metal bar at the bottom of the cart. By the time she was out in the parking lot, it had already started to bruise — and she’d started to lose her cool.

“So … This happened today,” Jill, 28, captioned the video as she explained, “Ouch, y’all. This bar … sticks out and I literally rammed my shin into it. … I was like, ‘Uhhh,’ trying to, like, be all cool and collected while I literally gave myself a big, old, whopping bruise.” When the star tried to show off her “massive” bump to the camera — only for her phone to not pick up the details — she gave up without even finishing her thought. “The video doesn’t do it justice,” she captioned the clip. “Hurts so bad and has raised a bump and turned blue/green right away.”

Jill Duggar Takes Kids to Sam's Club
Courtesy of Jill Duggar/Instagram

Luckily, it seems like the rest of the trip went OK — and the boys actually behaved themselves. Earlier in the month, they went on a destructive spree at home as they spilled water and flung chocolate everywhere, leading their mom to nearly have a meltdown on Instagram. “Y’all …” the mama started off in a video she shared with fans. “This is me frustrated … [My son] is screaming at me because he wants a game. I just told them to go lay down or go outside until mommy can cool down and handle this situation.”

By the end of the afternoon, however, Israel was shaping up and trying to help Jill out. And soon enough, the boys found themselves distracted playing with the neighbor’s dog instead of embodying human tornadoes inside of the house. Maybe the former Counting On star and her husband, Derick Dillard, really should think about getting the boys a pup of their own. It might be a lot to handle — but then again, it might also save Jill some major headaches.

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