When it comes to date night, Jill Duggar wants to be treated right — and so she’s putting her foot down to husband Derick Dillard by setting clear boundaries for what is a date and what isn’t. And, well, it looks like some of their recent outtings just haven’t lived up to expectations. The former Counting On star took to Twitter to share their new standards. According to Jill, date nights have three major requirements and she expects all future romantic outtings to meet the list. See what they are in the video above and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Hold up — does that mean that following her hubby to law school classes actually counts as date night? 1) It’s a change of scenery for Jill. 2) There’s no food there, so there’s no cooking or doing dishes necessary. 3) Their kids aren’t with them, and we can see how it could still be considered “quality hubby time” if you’re willing to stretch that definition. 

Here’s one that doesn’t count, though — heading to the market to pick up some groceries. And yet, a few days after sharing the requirements for date night, Derick still tried to swing an outting that definitely didn’t fit the rules. “Going on a date to Sam’s can definitely work!” he shared on Instagram. “There’s food and even entertainment for the little ones! #datetime #babysitterincluded #brothers #bestbuds.”

Okay, shopping for food isn’t exactly the same as cooking or doing dishes. But this probably isn’t much of a change of scenery for Jill who likely does most if not all of the household shopping. And their kids are right there! Having Sam and Israel distracted by the flat screens for sale is hardly the same as “quality hubby time no kids.” Look, we’re not saying that you can’t have fun at the grocery store with your spouse. If we could move our whole family into Costco, we would. But it’s hardly a date night by anyone’s standards — and it surely doesn’t meet Jill’s. 

It certainly seems like Jill may be taking lessons from Derick’s law school classes. As for him, well, he’s still got a lot to learn — about date night, too. 

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