In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Bachelor Nation alum Jesse Csincsak reveals the disturbing truth about hit franchise Bachelor in Paradise after a drunken hookup between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson went too far.

As troubling as the encounter was, The Bachelorette alum Jesse Csincsak, 35, says it’s not surprising.

“There is a fine line, and producers cross it daily. This is one of the most dangerous shows because it ruins lives,” he reveals. “When you watch the show, you will often see waitresses and waiters in the background. They are actually producers dressed in costume. To make things happen, they often place a little piece of paper in front of the contestants that say things like ‘kiss her now’ or ‘reach out and touch her hair.’”

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Jesse also added that it’s not uncommon for a producer to yell “cut” and pull a contestant aside and tell them to start hooking up or talk about sex.

“It’s nonstop pressure from producers,” he says.

When contestants object, Jesse claims producers use “verbal abuse” to manipulate them.

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“One night [on a season of The Bachelor], a producer was asking a female contestant to say something very sexual and inappropriate, and she was crying because she didn’t want to,” Jesse recalls. “Another contestant stood up to the producer, and the producer told that contestant to ‘sit down and shut the f–k up!’ The contestant was cut from the show the next day for speaking up.”

Jesse continues, “They basically fill all the contestants up with as much alcohol as possible and get them to misbehave for the cameras. I have seen my friends on the show doing things they would never do. People are so embarrassed by their own drunken behavior that they can’t cope with it and can’t go back to their life when the show ends.”

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