Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Jeremy Vuolo is a Duggar. He was so sweet during  Jinger‘s pregnancy, and he seems determined to do his fair share of child-rearing since. He’s even put space between himself and controversial brother-in-law Derick Dillard after Derick railed against gay people on Twitter. However, Jeremy’s ideaologies aren’t so different, and fans were reminded of that in September when he signed something called The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel. Here’s what the statement actually says that has fans calling him “sexist” and anti-LGBT.

He believes feminism is bad.

Sure, he seems support5ive of his wife and now has a daughter, but screw feminism, right? “We deny that the postmodern ideologies derived from intersectionality, radical feminism, and critical race theory are consistent with biblical teaching,” it says. Intersectionality, if you’re not familiar, is “the complex, cumulative way in which the effects of multiple forms of discrimination (such as racism, sexism, and classism) combine, overlap, or intersect especially in the experiences of marginalized individuals or groups.”

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I could stare at her for hours! …so sometimes I do.

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He believes women should “be submissive.”

TBH you shouldn’t be surprised about this coming from a Duggar. “We affirm that God has designed men and women with distinct traits and to fulfill distinct roles,” says the statement. “These differences are most clearly defined in marriage and the church, but are not irrelevant in other spheres of life. In marriage the husband is to lead, love, and safeguard his wife and the wife is to respect and be submissive to her husband in all things lawful.” 

He believes gay and trans people are “sinful.”

“Maleness and femaleness are biologically determined at conception and are not subject to change,” says the document. “The curse of sin results in sinful, disordered affections that manifest in some people as same-sex attraction. Salvation grants sanctifying power to renounce such dishonorable affections as sinful and to mortify them by the Spirit. We further affirm that God’s design for marriage is that one woman and one man live in a one-flesh, covenantal, sexual relationship until separated by death.” It also says that people who “lack the desire or opportunity for marriage” should just be single forever. Oh, and “sex can’t be fluid” and they reject the idea of gay Christians.

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At least he’s against racism, right?

Luckily, the one good thing is that the statement says racism is bad. “Racism is a sin rooted in pride and malice which must be condemned and renounced by all who would honor the image of God in all people,” it says.

Fans are pissed.

Though fans probably should be aware of Jeremy’s ideologies by now, it seems many thought he was above it, and are really hurt to see him post things they expect to see from Derick Dillard.

“So the only difference between you and Derick is… nothing?” asked a fan on Twitter. “You’re not any better than he is and I suggest you talk to ANYone who identifies differently from you, sexually. So disappointed.” A reddit user felt similarly, writing. “That’s not surprising at all. Jeremy is as bigoted and close-minded as all the Duggars. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have been allowed to marry Jinger. He usually just hides it better than, say Derick.”

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Even people in the church were concerned, with one writing, “I know you love Jesus, but I think you’re really wrong about this issue and that you misunderstand those on the other side. Furthermore, I don’t think this statement leaves any room for gracious discussion in order to learn and understand the viewpoints of others.” Someone else wrote, “The section on Complementarism is a deal breaker for me as my Senior Pastors are a Husband/Wife team.”

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