You’d better keep us away from Disney on Ice, because our hearts pretty much melted when we saw Jennifer Garner‘s most recent Instagram caption. On Monday, December 16, the 13 Going on 30 star revealed that she’d taken her son, Samuel, to see the cartoon-inspired figure skating show, and they’d had a blast. While she gave a summary of the plot for her audience at home — revealing that, spoiler alert, “Tink was rescued” — she also had something else very special to share. Apparently, she and her youngest now have a standing date, because he’s vowed to make the event their thing.

“I asked my 7-year-old son if he would always be my date to [Disney on Ice],” Jennifer, 47, wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. According to her, he responded, “Always, Mom. Even when I’m a grown-up.” Does anybody feel like their tear ducts just sprung a leak? No, just us?

As it turns out, Samuel isn’t the only one who shares a special relationship with his mom. Violet, the actress’ oldest, is also particularly tight with her mom. “Violet [is] a real mommy’s girl,” an insider exclusively revealed to In Touch. “Not only does she look identical to Jen, [but] they share similar personality traits, too, like their passion for cooking.” It sounds like the mom of three makes sure she finds time to spend with each of her kids doing something special.

The kids are close with each other, too. “Violet’s extremely protective of Seraphina and Samuel and really watches out for her siblings,” the insider continued. “She’s extremely mature for her age.” They also revealed that, despite being the children of two major Hollywood stars, the Garner-Affleck kids are pretty much just normal kids. “Violet and Seraphina love sports, especially soccer,” the source shared. “They play in tournaments with other kids but also have a blast practicing with Ben [Affleck] in his backyard! Samuel gets involved, too.”

Christmas is going to be a little complicated this year, however. After Ben’s Halloween relapse, a source tells In Touch that the Peppermint actress is wary of the holidays bringing out the worst in her ex-husband. “They’re usually always out smiling together, but they were shooting daggers at each other this time,” said the insider, who admitted that the parents had gotten into a disagreement outside of Jennifer’s home. “[She] brought up her concerns that Ben wouldn’t be able to stay sober this holiday season. … She was acting out of love, but it set Ben off because he’s been trying so hard after having a slip recently. He’s sober right now and felt Jen was doubting him. So they got into a heated argument.”

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