Jennette McCurdy has found her own success long after the days of starring as Sam Puckett on Nickelodeon’s iCarly. After releasing her new memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, in August 2022, the filmmaker sparked a slew of questions among her fans, including how she makes a living now that she hasn’t acted on TV or film in years. Nevertheless, Jennette has an impressive net worth of $3.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth

Keep reading to find out how Jennette makes her money. 

How Much Did Jennette McCurdy Earn on ’iCarly’?

After landing her supporting role opposite her costar and friend, Miranda Cosgrove, in 2007, Jennette reportedly earned $50,000 per episode from the hit Nickelodeon series, per Celebrity Net Worth. 

However, Jennette previously revealed that she hadn’t received all of the money she earned while on the show because her Coogan account as a child star was “never properly filed.” 

“There’s the thing called the ‘Coogan account’ that’s supposed to take 15 percent of your money off the top and kind of put it into the child’s account so that they can have at least 15 percent of their money by the time they’re 18, and the rest of the money is up for grabs” she explained in a May 2022 episode of the podcast “The Iced Coffee Hour.” 

Jennette McCurdy Net Worth: How Much Money She Makes
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She continued, “That was kind of a little bit of a shock. I really have no idea what was happening, and, you know, my mom was in control of everything. So, I don’t think I ever saw the Coogan account money.” 

In 2021, Jennette turned down the chance to reprise her role in the Paramount+ iCarly reboot. 

The former child actress was cast on iCarly in 2007 following several years of starring in minor roles in various films, including Hollywood Homicide and Pet, as well as multiple television shows, such as Malcom in the Middle, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Will & Grace

Jennette McCurdy Is a Filmmaker

Jennette decided to quit acting after her Netflix and CityTV series, Between, got canceled after two seasons. 

“I’ve been thinking about this for a while, since we’ve been waiting to hear if the show got picked up for a third season,” the Los Angeles native told her agents and managers in a phone call, which she recalled in her 2022 book. “And I decided that if we got picked up, I’d do it. But if we didn’t, I’d take a break from acting.” 

Afterward, Jennette directed several films, including the two shorts Strong Indecent Woman, Kenny, The Grave and 8 Bodies. In 2017, she directed the TV movie The McCurdys, per IMDb

The former Sam & Cat star has also produced a few projects, such as the series What’s Next for Sarah? in 2014. 

Jennette McCurdy Is a Writer

Aside from writing both her one-woman show and book, both under the same title, I’m Glad My Mom Died, Jennette has also noted in her memoir that she enjoys writing screenplays. 

She worked as a writer for the film projects that she served as a director and producer of, writing four episodes of the 2014 series What’s Next for Sarah? 

Jennette McCurdy Released Country Music

Upon finding huge fame from iCarly, Jennette released her own country music in 2009. Her singles “Not That Far Away” and “So Close” quickly became successful thanks to her fans. One year later, she dropped her song “Generation Love” in 2011, which was featured on the iCarly soundtrack iSoundtrack II in 2012.  

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