Is Teen Mom 2 about to lose their No. 1 drama-maker? Jenelle Evans was beyond furious after watching the Oct. 9 episode of her hit show, and she took to Instagram to air out her grievances. She insists that MTV made it looks like her new husband David Eason was hiding stuff from her, when in reality the drama is totally fabricated. She’s so upset that she says she’s “probably calling it quits” after this season. Watch the video below to see her entire angry rampage.

On top of the fake fighting with David, Jenelle was also mad about how the show portrays her son Kaiser Griffith. In a separate Instagram post, she admits that her three-year-old is in speech therapy, and that she’s asked producers to not subtitle him because he will often say things he doesn’t exactly mean. One example she gave was when the show put the subtitle “feed me,” making her look like she wasn’t taking care of him. She also shared a text convo shredding a producer who apparently didn’t know about this.

Jenelle says she’s leaving not just the show but also public life behind until she gets everything sorted out. She insists that she’s getting off of social media because she doesn’t “want to even begin to read the comments,” that she’s going to get after the new episode.

This isn’t the first time Jenelle has threatened to leave the show for the way she and her family are portrayed. In January 2017, filming was reportedly shut down when Jenelle got sick and tired of always being made out to be a villain. “In the promos they always show happy moments for the other girls and their kids,” but anything featuring Jenelle “is all drama and stuff that makes her look bad,” according to a source that spoke to Radar. The show actually listened to Jenelle and re-did the editing for the end of last season, but apparently the problem is popping up yet again. We definitely hope they can get this resolved soon because the show just wouldn’t be the same without Jenelle!

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