Nothing gets your Monday going quite like a conspiracy theory from Jenelle Evans. The Teen Mom 2 star — who recently slammed rumors she was fired from the show — posted a snap of her hubby, David Eason, going “off the grid” and shared her thoughts on chemtrails. “Yeah isn’t that s–t crazy?! she responded back to someone who pointed out the white marks in the sky. “This pic was taken like two months ago and now I found out about it yesterday.”

A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency fact sheet on contrails states that they’re simply trails of condensation that pose no threat to the Earth. However, conspiracy theorists have become suspicious that the contrails expelled from jets today are thicker and linger longer than they did in the past. So, while people accept that contrails are natural byproducts from airplanes, their suspicion is that the government has used that excuse to put harmful substances in those trails.

Jenelle’s comment quickly sparked a debate on Instagram, with one person blaming her husband for teaching her about the theory. “David is the type of guy to believe that chemtrails are somehow poisoning us. Do some dang research people. Do not buy into the hysteria that fear mongers like David promote!”

Honestly, the commenter isn’t too far off. Earlier this month, David claimed the government was controlling the weather. “And just when you thought the government couldn’t control the weather,” he wrote on Facebook at the time. “Let’s hope they don’t inject those clouds with viruses to help thin out the human population.”

Of course, the couple is no stranger to controversy. Most recently, Jenelle took to Facebook on April 2 to share a mean-spirited meme mocking Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez, and fans weren’t having it. “Wow. I haven’t got anything else to say. She’s reached a new level of stupidity that I didn’t think possible,” wrote one fan on reddit. Another agreed that Jenelle was out of line, saying, “She’s disgusting. I’m done with TM2 as long as she’s still on it. I am also going to email current advertisers and make them aware of Jenelle’s cyberbullying.”

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Watch the video below for more details on Emma Gonzalez. Plus, see the meme.

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