Boxers or briefs… or nothing? "There was a time in my life — it was a solid two and half years — that I went commando," reveals Jason Bateman, answering reader questions in a Moviefone Unscripted interview session with his The Change-Up co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Leslie Mann.

Jason's confession may forever change the way fans look at a certain cult sitcom. "And for some reason, those two and half years [of going commando] are the exact two and half years of Arrested Development," teases Jason. "So, I want you to know, in every episode of Arrested Development, I want you to know that, beneath the khakis, there was nothing but skin and a little bit of air!" (Looks like Jason was the opposite of David Cross's "never-nude" Arrested Development character Tobias!)

Curious about Ryan's underwear preferences? Briefs! “But I like to switch it up," he says, joking, "Sometimes it's a full lavender unitard with little gold flecks!"

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