At the center of controversy yet again. Jake Paul is sparking major backlash for his remarks in a new YouTube video he posted on Thursday, September 19. The internet star was slammed by viewers for his comments about KSI, the boxer his brother, Logan Paul, is supposed to fight at the Los Angeles Staples Center on November 9.

When an interviewer mentioned how KSI said that Jake, 22, could potentially fight Gib a.k.a. AnEsonGib at the event, the YouTube star threw major shade and revealed he was only interested in throwing down with someone “more exciting” and all around “better.” Jake claimed that KSI has no authority when it comes to getting him on the card, noting how he says whatever he wants “to sound cool.”

YouTubers Slam Jake Paul Homophobic Transphobic Comments

“He clearly has some sort of man crush/bromance thing for Gib. I don’t know where it’s coming from. He seemed to talk about Gib fighting me at the press conference more than he was focused on fighting and talking s–t to Logan. I don’t know if they … or whatever,” Jake added. “I wouldn’t be surprised. KSI got some big old DSLs look at those things. Man, he could suck a peel of a banana. He could suck a cork out of a wine bottle. KSI, I think it’s time to admit your sexuality.”

“We all see those big old man boobies you’ve got too. I don’t know if he’s going through a transformation or if he’s under surgery,” Jake continued. “KSI and I are eventually going to fight.”

Many viewers were sounding off about Jake’s remarks, with one writing, “Using sexuality as an insult isn’t right. just saying.” After another fan shared a snippet of Jake’s new video on Twitter, several others started expressing their outrage at his comments, claiming he went too far. “Tana [Mongeau]‘s so quick to call out other people for being transphobic but doesn’t care that Jake is,” one wrote. “Racist AND transphobic. What a combo,” a second chimed in.

A third added, “I’m just so curious to how he’s absolutely oblivious to the fact that’s he this ignorant when his worst comments are plastered all over the internet. How can anyone be that unaware, as well as think that people ‘hate’ on him for NO REASON.”

With the big rematch between Logan and KSI only a few months away, Jake claimed they will have an answer about his fight in the next seven days.

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