Don’t put it on him! After the release of dueling Fyre Festival documentaries, rapper Ja Rule is getting some heat on Twitter. As the cofounder of the concert, which has now widely been condemned as a scam (or, at best, a well-intentioned dumpster fire), viewers of the Hulu and Netflix films are blaming him for a lot of the mess. But now he’s coming out to say that it’s not his fault — and that he was just as “hustled,” “scammed” and “bamboozled” as the rest of the festival’s crew and attendees.

After Twitter users accused Ja of being a piece of s–t, untrustworthy and deserving of jail time, he decided to speak out and defend himself. In a series of tweets, he told fans, followers and haters alike, “I had an amazing vision to create a festival like NO OTHER!!! I would NEVER SCAM or FRAUD anyone what sense does that make???” He continued, “I too was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked [and] lead astray!!!”

He even started arguing with other Twitter users, claiming he lost “plenty” of money on the venture and writing messages like, “Ok tell me how it makes sense for Ja Rule to scam ppl???” and, “I NEVER MADE OR GOT PAID ONE DOLLAR FROM FYRE… BUT EVERYONE ELSE DID!!!” When fans questioned his story, he added, “So it’s impossible for me to TRUST someone with my vision and them completely f–k it up??? And it wasn’t my money so when I asked questions I was lied to …” He did, however, claim that he has the receipts to back up everything that he’s saying.

As for what he means by saying that he “will tell [his] truth real soon” but not “over Twitter,” well it’s hard to say. But if Ja is still taking ideas, we’re just saying that we’d totally watch a third documentary on the topic — especially if the goal is to raise money for all of the hard working employees and contractors who did their best to put the festival together and never got paid. People like caterer MaryAnne Rolle, who Ja gave a shout out to on Instagram, could certainly use the money. And like the rapper said — he is ~on fyre~ this week. We bet plenty of other people would be down to watch, too.

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