Is Britney Spears‘ team deleting positive comments on her Instagram account? That’s a theory that fans have been discussing recently after some very confusing activity has been going on. On Friday, June 15, the fan account @absolutebritneycom pointed out the strange behavior, and the 37-year-old’s mother, Lynne Spears, took to the comments to speak out on the matter.

“So Britney’s team is deleting positive comments on her Instagram post and leaving negative ones to keep up the illusion that she needs help! They were all so quick to remove all comments before but now all the sudden they are leaving all negative ones but removing positive ones! How much longer is this going to be?!? This has to be human rights violation!!!! #FreeBritney #britneyspears,” read the caption on @absolutebritneycom’s post.

britney spears' mom lynne comments on instagram

Lynne, 64, seemed to notice the same thing and she took to the comments to share her thoughts on the situation. “I can’t believe u [sic] just posted this because I had a friend tell me the same thing! I posted something and tried to go back and find it and none of it is in order and I couldn’t find mine, which I JUST POSTED??? I know you are a true fan and love her so thank you for pointing this out because I have had others say the same🤔,” she wrote.

Hours later, @absolutebritneycom shared an update with fans. “Now all the sudden all the negative comments that have been there for three days on [Britney’s] Instagram are all the sudden gone and now Britney’s mom comment is now number one, and also the positive comments are seen now?” the update read. “Hmmmmmmm very interesting how I called Team B out on [their] s–t these comments magically appear and Britney’s mom comment is number one. Very interesting if you ask me, can’t wait to see what stories are going to come out now about twisting all this around LOL, but we won’t buy it. Have a great weekend everyone! Sending you all amazing and beautiful vibes and remember GOOD ALWAYS WINS!! 🙃🤔😘.”

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