Bradley Cooper isn’t letting a moment with his daughter, Lea, go to waste by using a nanny to help raise her. His ex and the girl’s mom, Irina Shayk, has nothing but praise for how he is completely committed to fatherhood. “He’s a full-on, hands-on dad — no nanny,” the supermodel tells Highsnobiety in a new interview.

Even when Bradley, 46, takes their 4-year-old away with him on trips, he still doesn’t ask for any additional help. “Lea went on holiday with him for almost two weeks — I didn’t call them once,” Irina reveals. 

Bradley is frequently seen walking through New York City with his precious daughter, always holding her hand or carrying her on his shoulders. It’s clear that Lea is the absolute light of his life, with the way he treats her with so much love and affection.

Irina, 35, and Bradley can coparent easily, as they live only a few blocks away from each other in NYC’s West Village and share parenting responsibilities while remaining close friends. The pair split in June 2019 after four years as a couple.

What Kind of Dad is Bradley Cooper

The duo have made sure to instill manners in their little girl. “Me and her father are very strict. When she finishes eating, she gets up from the table, takes her plate, says ‘thank you.’ Without ‘please’ or ‘thank you,’ she’s not getting anything,” Irina explained.

Irina also wants to make sure Lea knows how fortunate she is to want for nothing, after the model had very humble beginnings growing up in Yemanzhelinsk, Russia. “It’s hard because she has so many toys. I had one doll, and I still have this doll. Blonde, blue eyes, big Russian doll. My grandma used to make clothes for her. And I always explain, ‘Look, this is my doll. I had only one.’ Or sometimes, ‘You have this candy. I used to have candy only for Christmas,’” Irina says of how she makes sure her daughter knows how lucky she is.

One thing that Lea has had to live with all her life are the paparazzi, thanks to her two famous parents. But Irina and Bradley have tried to tell her that they are not people to fear.

“Sometimes, my daughter is scared — she sees the paparazzi from miles away. She’s a KGB baby,” Irina joked. “We had to explain to her, like, ‘They’re just doing their job. By selling pictures, they make their living. You don’t have to be scared.’” With the amount of times Lea has been photographed in her young life — and will continue to be as she grows up — that’s a smart angle for Bradley and Irina to take!

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