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Wearing heels can be a catch-22. They’re gorgeous and totally elevate your look, but they can also hurt! Some of the most beautiful shoes in the world show their ugly side after you’ve been wearing them long enough.

In Touch Weekly discovered a cool little product that actually works, and it is literally changing women’s lives.

It was developed by Celebrity Podiatrist Dr. Robert Joseph, DPM, and his designs have been awarded over 20 patents worldwide.

It’s called DoctorInsole Women’s HighStep and using a pair is as easy as opening the box and sliding them into your favorite pair of heels. So drag those glorious 4-inch heels out of the closet and enjoy them again.

How do they work? While other insoles rely on gel or foam cushioning to make shoes comfortable, they don’t target the real issues leading to foot pain. DoctorInsole HighSteps actually work to correct your alignment and redistribute your weight throughout all of your foot, not just the balls of your feet — more stability = less foot cramping!

HighStep insoles come in a variety sizes from 5 to 12.

The best part! You can be more comfortable at a fraction of the price.

If you love the HighSteps, then the brand has other inserts for all your specific shoe needs, including the FitStep for running sneakers and the MultiStep for flats and boots.

Don’t just take our word for it — reviewers are loving the insoles, too! One shopper claimed they can now run pain-free as a result of DoctorInsole, while another wore them while trekking four hours on the Bali mountainside. One reviewer with arch pain, plantar fasciitis and a torn Achilles tendon claimed the insoles helped her walk straight and feel more stable.

See it: Get the DoctorInsole Women’s HighStep while all sizes are available! 

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