Ice-T has no regrets about giving fans an inside look into his personal life during three seasons of his E! reality show, Ice Loves Coco, which aired from 2011 to 2013. But he has no interest in doing another one. “Reality TV is a slippery slope,” says the rapper, 63.

“After a few seasons, normal people’s lives loop, and you do the same things over and over, but that’s not entertaining television. So then the producers want you to do something you wouldn’t normally do, and that’s when it gets corny,” the Law & Order: SVU actor explains. 

Here, Ice, who recently joined forces with Tide for their #TurnToCold campaign talks to In Touch’s Lexi Ciccone about life at home with his wife of 20 years, Coco Austin, and their 5-year-old daughter Chanel, working with his wrestling idol, and who’s made him most star- struck during his 30-year career.

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So there’s no chance of an Ice Loves Coco revival?

We did three years. By now people like us or hate us. And when you let people know everything about you, you’re no longer entertaining to them. There are certain people who will do anything to stay on reality TV. I won’t mention any names! We weren’t willing to do that.

How would you feel if Chanel decides to get into showbiz when she’s older? 

I don’t know if we’re going to be able to stop her! She says she wants to be a doctor, a YouTuber, a model, a singer and a Kung Fu artist. We’re going to push for doctor.

How did you fare during lockdown?

Chanel enjoys having me around more. She’ll start school next year. She’s ready, but Coco has been with her 24/7 since birth, so that’s going to be a very emotional day.

Coco’s dad got very sick with Covid.

He was in the hospital for 40 days. It got close. They were asking if he had a will. But he finally beat it, and he’s good and healthy.

Christopher Meloni recently returned to the Law & Order franchise. Are you happy to have him back?

It’s great. But the fans who want to see him and Mariska [Hargitay’s character] hook up are cold-blooded. His character was married. This isn’t The Bold and the Beautiful!

Tell us about working with Tide. 

Tide activates with cold, so it’s a play on the word, Ice. When they said I’d be teamed up with Steve “Stone Cold” Austin, I was like, “I’m in!” I fanboy’d out! I’ve watched wrestling my whole life, and Steve is one of my idols. We made some clever commercials that not only promote the product, but also help save the planet.

Who does the laundry at home? 

Coco is the kind of woman who’s like, “Look, stay out of the kitchen. Stay out of the laundry.”I’m cool with that. I’ve got enough other duties in the house to worry about.

Ice-T Reveals Secrets to His 20-Year Marriage to Wife Coco Austin
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You have been married 20 years!

I couldn’t have picked a better partner. She pulls her weight and kills it in every department.

What’s your secret to a happy marriage?

We address problems quickly. She doesn’t say, “I’m mad at you from last month.” How am I supposed to fix something if I didn’t know it was broken? And we compromise. If you want to win every argument and do whatever you want to do, there’s a name for that — it’s called being single! 

So on a lighter note …

Who’s made you starstruck? 

Denzel Washington. It was my second movie [ 1991’s Ricochet]. He made me feel so comfortable. And, you know, I looked at him and I said, “I want to learn how to act like that.”

Favorite movie?

I think Reservoir Dogs is one of the greatest movies ever, because I lived that — and I know what it’s like after a robbery. And I laughed really hard at The Hangover.

Favorite TV Show? 

Black Mirror, which is like Twilight Zone from the future. 

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