Who misses Ice Loves Coco?! Same! But bad news for us diehard fans of the dynamic duo — Ice-T and Coco Austin said they are never doing reality TV again. In an exclusive interview with In Touch on Tuesday, August 13, at the WEtv Love After Lockup NYC Screening presented by OK! Magazine, Ice said reality TV is “not my thing, I got a job!”

Ice T Coco Reality TV
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“I think there is so much going on in our life, that it’s not the only thing that was going for us,” Coco, 40, said referring to their thriving careers and parenting their adorable 3-year-old daughter, Chanel. “So I think we’re we have enough attention, our way, and that was just one thing off the list that we did.”

“I think if reality was the only thing we did, it might have been more fun,” the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star, 61, added. “But I would work all day and then come home and there would be f–king cameras in the house. And I was like ‘Lord have mercy’. And any free time I had they were clogging it up.”

Ice T Coco Reality TV

The couple filled us in on a few reality TV secrets — saying how producers try to spice up shows as eventually watching the routines of the rich and famous or the loud and crazy can become monotonous. “The problem with reality is entertaining people with your life is a slippery slope. And after a while your life loops. You do the same thing. You may not know it, but you do the same thing over and over again and it becomes boring,” Ice said. “And then the producer goes ‘well, let’s put you in a lion cage. Let’s try that’ and you’ll be like, ‘you know what? Show’s good I’m out.”

The rapper did add that he does have a lot of respect for people who dedicate their life to reality TV or those that “gotta do it.” “Now, some people are reality stars. That’s what they do. God bless them,” he concluded laughingly.  Although this all-star couple won’t be letting us into their home anymore, we are sure we will see then all over the small screen one way or another!

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