Zendaya rules the screen big and small, and she doesn’t do it for anything less than the big bucks. As a member of the Dune film universe, the Euphoria star is hitting cinemas in the series’ second iteration, bringing even more of her talent to the cameras than the franchise’s first chapter. But as she dominates the Timothée Chalamet sensation, fans can’t help but wonder how much she got paid.

How Much Did Zendaya Get Paid for ‘Dune’ Part 1?

Zendaya was only on screen in the first Dune for seven minutes, but she made bank. The Disney alum took home $300,000, according to multiple reports.

Why was the talented actress featured for a small portion of the two-hour long film? According to director Denis Villeneuve, he knew immediately that the book would have to be split into two films, and Zendaya would be much more heavily featured in the second part.

“I didn’t have to fight for this idea,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “I just said to them, ‘Guys, the story is so rich, so complex, it takes all its strength from its details and its poetry. I truly think to do justice to the book, we should do it in two parts.’ And they immediately said yes.”

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As for Zendaya, she landed on set when filming was in full swing, immediately being thrown into the Dune deep end.

“On my first day, I’m landing in what quite literally felt like Arrakis, because everybody was already in their costume when I met them,” she said. “I was very intimidated. And on top of that…I didn’t get to see all of the other things that they had created up until this point, so when I got to see the movie, I was blown away. My jaw was on the floor in the same way, because I had no idea what other things you guys had shot. I just got to watch it as a fan.”

How Much Did Zendaya Get Paid for ‘Dune’ Part 2?

Unlike the first franchise film, Zendaya is said to have a much bigger role in Dune II. Her character, Chani, is the love interest to Timothée’s Paul Atreides and she’ll likely appear in far more scenes than just his dreams and visions.

With that said, Zendaya took home a much larger paycheck. The HBO star made $2 million for starring in the sequel, according to multiple reports.

What Is Zendaya’s Net Worth?

Zendaya’s $2 million pay day is going to boost her net worth, which is already impressive. The Emmy winner has a net worth of $22 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and it will likely only grow with time.

In addition to being a talented actress, Zendaya is a red carpet and fashion icon, working alongside designers as an ambassador. She was a model for Lancôme in 2019, worked with Bulgari and Valentino in 2020, but took her designer chops to the next level in 2023 after becoming an ambassador for Louis Vuitton. She has also worked alongside CoverGirl, Glaceau SmartWater and Beats.

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