Recently, Joy-Anna Duggar has been making headlines for her alleged quickie nuptials to hubby Austin Forsyth after she revealed they were expecting their first child together. But ladies and gents, I think the sister we should really be focusing on is Jill Duggar. An eagle-eyed redditor pointed out that the reality TV exile and her (awful AF) husband, Derick Dillard, began courting the day they met. Yes, you read that correctly.

Our hero, Notsofundie, wrote, “So last night I was watching an older episode from 19 Kids and Counting. Derick and Jill had just met through Jim Boob [sic] and started talking a few weeks later. Jill and Jim Boob [sic] flew to Nepal to meet Derick. When they left, Derick asked Jill to court him, but this trip was literally the first time they met in person! I never thought about it this way, but it’s insane how fast their relationship developed.” They added, “I don’t think it’s healthy to think about marriage (courtship) when you meet someone for the first time in person and act on it by immediately starting a courtship! Sorry if this seems random; been reading here a while but this is the first real WTF moment I’ve had.” Y’all — We. Are. SHOOK.

In response, someone commented, “What I find weird is that they courted for something like three or four months, then they were engaged for three, then she got pregnant on the honeymoon. So she was married and pregnant by a man she had known less than a year.” Another added, “That’s so true — can’t believe I haven’t looked at it that way before.” A third chimed in with a unique theory, “I’ve always thought Jill pushed the courtship and marriage with Derick because she wanted to beat Jessa down the aisle. There was just no way she was going to let her younger sister have a wedding and babies before her, so she married the first guy who showed some genuine interest. As the ‘authority’ in Jill’s life, Jim Bob should have stepped in and made them at least slow it down, but I imagine the ratings from two Duggar daughter courtships and weddings back-to-back was just too hard to resist.”

TBH, they all make valid points. If nothing else, maybe this will deflect some attention off Joy-Anna for a while. I mean, seriously, can she LIVE?!

Jill rocked some sparkly (and tall!) heels over the weekend — see the photos!

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