It's a parents' worst nightmare! Hodges Half Dozen stars Liz and Daniel Hodges definitely have their hands full after the welcomed quintuplets earlier this year, but they also have to deal with a lot of medical complications because their six babies were born three months premature. Now, their son Connell is started to struggle with complications the most, and on this week's episode, Liz and Daniel revealed that their newborn baby boy might have to undergo surgery.

“Connell has been our little fighter from the very beginning. He’s the one who’s had the most issues with feeding and he’s the only one that came home with an NG tube,” Liz said in her confessional. An NG tube (or nasogastric intubation) is a tube that goes down the throat directly to the stomach from one of the nostrils, and he is able to be fed through that tube.

“With Connell having all his feeding issues and being a little more sensitive, Daniel and I are the only ones that feed him,” she continued. “But Connell’s NG tube comes out very frequently and it’s really hard to watch him struggle as we put the tube back in.”

The only other option that little Connell has is to get a G tube, which is surgically inserted into the stomach. He would be able to feed directly from the tube into the stomach and it wouldn’t fall out, but the baby would have to undergo an invasive surgical procedure and anesthesia in order to have it placed and he’d have to stay in the hospital for at least a week.

Liz and Daniel paid a visit to their son's doctor to ask for his opinion. After weighing Connell, the doctor realized that their son had gained about 2 pounds since his last visit, which means he’s healthy and he doesn’t need to get the G tube just yet.

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