Following Heather Locklear‘s arrest on Feb. 25 for drunkenly attacking her boyfriend, Chris Heisser – his father, Peter Heisser, speaks out to In Touch.

After Peter learned of the attack on his son Chris, the 81-year-old phoned him. “I called to find out if he’s OK,” Peter tells In Touch exclusively. “I don’t want him injured.” But Chris nearly was when Heather lunged at him in her Thousand Oaks, CA, home. “Heather was trying to get ahold of his nose and bite at it,” Peter confirms. “Chris hurt his leg jumping around trying to get away. Crazy stuff, isn’t it?”

He claims Heather, 56, who was charged with one count of domestic battery and three counts of battery on a police officer for kicking the cops who showed up, has a history of getting wasted and lashing out. “This isn’t the first time. When she drinks a certain amount, she just unloads,” he tells In Touch. “She has a very quick temper, and I don’t know that she realizes what she’s doing in that situation.”

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“Heather has been fighting her drinking problem for a long time, and it’s been an issue,” he says. “She’s not a happy person in some cases.”

Chris has tried to get his girlfriend help. “He took Heather a couple times to [rehab], and she stays for a certain period of time,” Peter tells the mag. “But she gets anxious and wants to come home. It’s difficult. It hasn’t changed, and it’s probably not going to.”

Peter hopes Chris comes to his senses and ends things with Heather, whom he remembers as a “young and fun and very nice” teenager. “She seems to be different at this stage in her life. I told him to quit trying [to help her],” he tells In Touch. “I would hope that this [attack] would be enlightening, but I can’t live his life for him.”

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