Good for her! On February 6, model Hailey Baldwin sat down with James Corden on The Late Late Show and played a game called “Spill Your Guts.” The object of the game seems to be that if you aren’t willing to answer a question from James, 40, you have to eat something disgusting. As just one of the series of questions the host gave her, Hailey, 22, was asked, “How much money did you get to appear in the Fyre Festival promo?” See the moment for yourself above, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

You’ll have to watch to know what Hailey said specifically about what she was paid, but she was also willing to admit what she did with the money she earned. Apparently, she donated it! That came as a bit of a surprise to James, who sarcastically quipped that she did it after she saw “how great” the whole event was.

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In case you missed it, back in 2017, Instagram influencers and stars advertised a cool, elite new music festival called Fyre Festival. It was supposed to be on a tropical island with luxury villas, yachts, and all sorts of other fancy things, and ticket packages cost up to $250,000. But everyone who signed up and showed up was basically conned by a man named Billy McFarland, and instead, it turned into kind of a s–t show.

Anyway, Hailey — along with several other models including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski — helped promote the event. Vogue reported that IMG Models received more than $1.2 million and that Kendall alone received over $200,000. Considering how badly the whole event went, it’s not a huge shock that Hailey might not have been cool with keeping the paycheck she made from promoting the catastrophe. And for her good deeds, James didn’t make her drink bird saliva. Win-win!


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