Gypsy Rose Blanchard has opened up about the end of her relationship with Nicholas “Nick” Godejohn, her ex-boyfriend who helped her with the murder of mom Dee Dee Blanchard, one year after they committed the crime.

In her new eBook, Released: Conversations on the Eve of Freedom — which was released on Tuesday, January 9 — Gypsy, 32, revealed that she and Nick, 34, continued their relationship for another year following Dee Dee’s 2015 murder. She admitted that she was “pining over Nick” while they were in the same county jail, and they hid letters to each other in the recreation room. They also wrote messages to each other on the walls.

However, Gypsy and Nick’s relationship fizzled out when they went to separate Missouri prisons — Gypsy at Chillicothe Correctional Center and Nick at Potosi Correctional Center. Gypsy wrote that they only sent two letters to each other during their incarcerations.

In 2017, Gypsy started a relationship with a man named Ken, and they got engaged in 2018. Gypsy revealed in her eBook that Nick wrote to her during her engagement and accused her of cheating on him. She also claimed that he told her they were married under “God’s law.”

Gypsy wrote back to Nick, telling him that she did not want to get back together with him. However, she “still felt a sense of guilt,” so she testified on his behalf during his trial in 2018. He was found guilty of first-degree murder for being a coconspirator in Dee Dee’s murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Nick Godejohn's Text Messages Exposed Their Plot to Kill Her Mother
Dr. Phill; Greene County Jail

Gypsy and Ken called off their engagement before their planned 2020 wedding. She later moved on with husband Ryan Anderson, whom she married while behind bars in July 2022.

Gypsy met Nick, who is from Wisconsin, on a dating site for Christian singles in 2012. They met in person after three years of communicating online. The former couple then began planning Dee Dee’s murder as a way for Gypsy to escape her mother’s abuse. Dee Dee was believed to have had Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP), a mental disorder that caused her to lie about Gypsy’s age and fabricate her daughter’s medical issues. Dee Dee isolated Gypsy for years and kept her heavily medicated.

In 2016, Gypsy was sentenced to serve 10 years in prison for her involvement in the murder. However, after serving roughly eight years of her sentence, she was released early on parole on December 28, 2023. As part of her parole requirements, Gypsy is not allowed to have any contact with Nick, according to court documents obtained by TMZ on January 5.

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