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Dude, See What the Cast of ‘Grandma’s Boy’ Looks Like Today — Plus Find out What Happened When the Camera Stopped Rolling

More than 10 years ago, we were graced with the wild antics of Grandma’s Boy — and we gotta say, this flick is still “pure f–king insanity.”

Between grandmas getting stoned and wild animals as pets popping up in the oddest places, these dudes definitely lived a lifestyle we could only dream about — even if that means referring to your parents as “roommates.” And don’t tell us that you still don’t listen to the Grandma’s Boy soundtrack to bring you back to Dante’s basement. Read on to find out some fun movie facts we bet you didn’t know below!

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Is Grandma’s Boy streaming on Netflix and/or Hulu?

How can we put this? No, it’s not. Bummer. But, it’s available on Blu-ray. You know you already love the movie, so commit to it already.

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Ummm, did Grandma’s Boy use real weed on-set?

Depends on who you ask (and who can remember). In a Reddit interview with fans and Allen Covert, the movie’s leading man and co-writer “pleads the fifth” on knowing anything about Nick Swardson switching the fakes stuff for the real stuff during the grandmas scene, but says he used “fake weed that tasted like rope.” And Peter Dante, the method actor that he is, went for the real stuff to stay true to his character Dante. He claimed that he “couldn’t feel his legs” and needed to go to the hospital after filming.

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Why did Grandma’s Boy get pulled from theaters?

A “good” movies lies in the eye of the beholder! The stoner movie didn’t do too well in theaters, barely grossing $6 million during its original theatrical release, but, made over $50 million in DVD sales.

Want more? “Frankenstein” down memory lane to see what the cast of Grandma’s Boy looked like then and what they look like now — and check out the DVD here!

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