Things got really awkward after Gary Shirley let loose on baby mama Amber Portwood on the new episode of Teen Mom OG. He finally said everything he’s been bottling up, and we think it was way harsh. Basically, he said that she uses depression as an excuse to be a bad mom, and that she needs to “put your damn kid first.” However, he quickly came to regret the outburst and apologized on Twitter after the show.

“I know we have overcome a lot since tonight’s episode was filmed,” he wrote, addressing Amber directly. “However, I feel horrible for the things I’ve said in tonight’s episode & probably next week’s as well. I’m sorry & I want to continue to strengthen the co-parenting relationship we have. Plz, forgive me.” He went on to say that he should respect Amber because she’s his baby mama, even if she makes him mad. “I want your time with baby James to be precious and I don’t wanna bring you down from this joyful time in your life. Again sorry.” Watch the video below to see her baby bump!

Amber had an equally mature response, saying, “All we can do is move forward and focus on the good in our family and the relationship we have today. No matter what struggles we go through we can work it out. Thank you for the apology?❤ #TeenMomOG.” So all good, right? Wrong.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to insist that Gary had no reason to apologize. And on top of that, they want to hear that Amber is sorry for how she treated him. “Gary is 1 MILLION % right about everything he has said and has earned the right to say it!” said one fan. “Amber is everything he says she is! I feel Gary’s frustration, and Leah will understand all of this and be able to watch it.” Even her fans agreed. “I LOVE Amber!!! But Gary is so right!!! I fight with depression…. But I could never not see my kids because of it… I don’t get it. Mom for cameras? Or mom for real?” said another. “It’s ABOUT TIME Gary blasted Amber on camera–it’s long overdue,” agreed a third.

Lucky for Amber, there were a select few people in her corner. “You’re an amazing mother… don’t let anyone get you down,” said a supporter. “Who cares what Gary or his wife think?
Just remember you still have fans who think a lot about you. I love you, Amber.” Hopefully, they can keep it cordial and not let the fans push them into another fight!

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