She wasn’t joking! Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham and former Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo have been feuding with each other on social media all weekend. But after Drita posted a video message on Instagram threatening Farrah, Farrah is starting to take legal action against Drita.

Farrah contacted her lawyer and is in the process of filing a restraining order, Us Weekly reported. Farrah had previously warned Drita that her lawyer would be contacting her, and it’s unclear if Farrah’s lawyer reached out yet, but Drita is definitely not afraid of Farrah or her lawyer.

farrah abraham

All of the drama started after Farrah and Drita worked an event together in Atlantic City. Farrah took to Instgram to diss Drita by putting a clown emoji over her face in a photo, and she called her a “has been” and said that she wasn’t professional. Drita responded in a NSFW video on her Instagram, where she threatened to “open-hand smack the f–k” out of Farrah, and Farrah responded on Twitter.

“F–king low class trash dusted up nobody,” Farrah tweeted. “Show up and work. You have no work ethic and act like a criminal. Say what you want about me so you feel better about how pathetic you are! Use me for press haha your [sic] a loser. Go get a real job. My lawyer will be contacting you, psycho.”

But Drita refused to back down even after Farrah threatened to take legal action against her, and she hit back at Farrah in another video message. “And then she said that her lawyer will be contacting me,” Drita told her fans in the clip on Instagram. “Um, why? Weren’t you the one that just woke up, ripped off your face making a video wrecking me? Or did you tell your lawyer that you’re a d–k sucker? When you call your lawyer Farrah, tell him you’re a d–k sucker. I knew you were scared to death. I just needed one video for you to start shouting ‘911! Help!'”

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