First her belly button, now her butt?! Farrah Abraham has seemingly been on a Photoshop roll this summer, and it doesn’t look like fans are going to let her live it down anytime soon. In fact, on July 4, the former Teen Mom star took to Instagram to share a patriotic snapshot and fans couldn’t help but fixate on one not-so-minor detail — Farrah’s backside.

"For the I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, the leaders, the doers, the disrupters, no better way than celebrating your 'survivor journey' on #IndependenceDay. Stay true to your focus, your ambition, your drive, your overcoming is noticed and recognized on this very day. Cheers to the independent success stories," the 27-year-old captioned the post.

Instead of sending Farrah well-wishes on the Fourth of July, haters were throwing shade at her body left and right. "Oh Lord, what’s up with that dysfunctional butt?" one user commented. "Butt implant survivor or bad Photoshop survivor? I can’t tell," wrote another. "Your butt, though! That’s not normal, dude …not one bit," one fan chimed in.

Farrah has not responded to the accusations, so it's unclear if any Photoshop was actually used. If anything, we'll chock it up to bad lighting. Farrah has always been forthcoming about her plastic surgeries — including procedures to ~rejuvenate~ her vagina and tighten her butt — so why bother with Photoshop, right?

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