You know those couples where someone posts how wonderful their partner is for doing something totally mundane and expected? Well, it’s not real surprise, but it turns out that Jenelle Evans and David Eason are totally one of those couples — and fans are ready to roast them for it. When the Teen Mom 2  star took to social media to call out something nice her husband had done for her, her followers were underwhelmed by just how “nice” it supposedly was. Because all that David did was get Jenelle a glass of water. 

“When hubby brings you water ??,” Jenelle captioned the snap on her Instagram story. And yeah, I mean, we agree that when someone brings you water it’s totally ?, aka OK emoji. Which is to say that it’s nice, but yeah, basically just OK. Nobody has to bring you water. Someone could still be going out of their way to bring you water. It could be the most refreshing and satisfying glass of water that you’ve ever drank in your life. But it’s still, like, just not a big deal. At all. You know, it’s a glass of water. Spouses are supposed to occasionally do the bare minimum like get you a glass of water when you ask for it. Now, if he’d infused it with cucumbers and cantaloupe and hand-crafted, artisan ice cubes, that might be a different story. But David didn’t. It’s… literally just normal tap water. 

jenelle evans posts a picture of a glass of water, writing that husband david eason got it for her

Photo Credit: Instagram

Fans are also pretty much flabbergasted that this is what Jenelle thinks of as a super sweet gesture, and they’ve taken to roasting her online in one of the Teen Mom reddit forums. “Even kidnappers bring water to their captives,” snarked one fan, with another adding, “Bare minimum Jenelle back at it again.” Plenty of the show’s watchers are also calling out the complete lack of ice in the cup — although, hey, maybe David Eason knows she likes it room temp, OK! After all, he’s clearly an amazing husband for having brought her water in the first place! “The bar is really that low lol,” commented someone else. 

Is anyone else reminded of how Jill Duggar is constantly shouting out her husband Derick Dillard as the #besthubbyever for doing seemingly equally mundane tasks? Like she and Jenelle are both trying to make their husbands somehow appealing to fans who already straight-up know that they’re terrible? And in both cases, it’s just not working, because fans simply aren’t having it. Sorry, Jenelle and Jill, but if you’re trying to convince us that they’re actually good partners (and people), you’re going to have to try a lot harder than that. 

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