When it comes to acting, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is extremely dedicated to his craft. So much so, he wore hair gathered from a yak’s testicles on his face to perfect the beard necessary to portray Hercules in the eponymous film, due out this weekend!

The 42-year-old action hero dished about the fake facial hair on Live! With Kelly and Michael.

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“The beard hair, I’ve got to mention this, this is crazy. The beard wasn’t lace so it had to be put on strips cut in tri-, quarter-inch wide, piece-by-piece,” he explained.

“So I asked my Italian designer, ‘Matteo, what is this?’ And he goes, ‘Oh it’s the hair from a yak. It’s very expensive and very fine hair.’ And I said, ‘Yak?’ And he says, ‘Yes, yak.’ And he’s putting it on my face like this [rubs the area around his mouth] and I say, ‘What part?’ And he goes, ‘The testicles.’

“It’s the commitment of which I will go to.”

Hair from the testicles of a yak rubbed all over your face? Now, that’s some serious dedication to a role!

The usually bald Dwayne also confessed that it took almost four hours to put on his wig each day—although, thankfully, there was no testicle hair involved!

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“It’s a system, it’s a process, it’s an experience. Every day for five months. Every day, three and a half hours, every day,” he revealed.

“Three and a half hours every morning. So I would get up at three, and then I would eat and train again, as I had to train twice a day for the role, and then I would go and sit in hair and makeup for three and a half hours for the transformation.

To see his transformation — yak hair and all — check out Hercules when it hits theaters on July 25!

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