This is not the reputation Botched needs.

Dr. Paul Nassif — who stars alongside Dr. Terry Dubrow on the plastic surgery reality series — is allegedly being sued by patient, Eric Klein, who claims a rhinoplasty (nose job) procedure performed by the TV doc left him unable to blink.

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paul nassif terry dubrow

Botched stars Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif.

TMZ reports Dr. Nassif performed the operation in September 2014, and during a follow-up appointment immediately following the procedure, Sean was reportedly told his inability to blink was a result of swelling from the nose job.

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At a certain point, when the condition didn’t fix itself, Dr. Nassif referred the patient to colleagues who allegedly said a “pre-existing condition” was to blame. After consulting additional doctors, Sean claims it was actually the result of his medial canthal tendon being displaced when the operation was performed, adding that the doctors tried to “cover up” Dr. Nassif’s alleged wrongdoings to protect the reputation of Botched.

Dr. Nassif has not addressed the incident at this time.

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