Doja Cat’s brother, Raman Dalithando Dlamini, verbally and physically assaulted her on multiple occasions, the rapper’s mother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, alleged in a restraining order obtained by In Touch.

Sawyer, 62, detailed the alleged abuse her daughter – whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini – endured in the legal documents filed on January 12 in Los Angeles Superior Court. Sawyer claimed that the hitmaker feels “unsafe and traumatized” after “Raman has verbally assaulted her in a very degrading and demeaning manor.”

“Amala has experienced physical harm such as teeth being knocked out and bruises and lacerations,” the statement obtained by In Touch reads. “Raman has destroyed and stolen property.”

The “Agora Hills” rapper, 28, has yet to publicly address the claims filed in her mother’s restraining order as of publication.

Sawyer stated that she has had a restraining order against her son, 30, “over the years since 2017.” According to the filing, Doja hasn’t had a restraining order against Raman, as her mother requested protection for her and Raman’s minor son.

Before detailing the alleged past abuse she experienced, Sawyer stated that her grandson “has suffered being verbally abused using insults, shaming and demeaning slurs.”

“Several times [Raman] put his hands around my throat and started choking me and threatened verbally to kill me,” Sawyer claimed in the document obtained by In Touch. “That caused tremendous anxiety and deep fear that caused difficulty sleeping.”

Sawyer went on to claim that her son has used “bullying tactics to manipulate” her into giving him “more money” than what is “reasonable.”

“My grandson is learning and being influence these bullying behaviors and I don’t want him to think this is normal behavior. I believe my son Raman is showing signs of being bipolar, and I believe he should be treated and helped by a medical doctor to deal with his inability to manage his emotions and violent tendencies,” Sawyer claimed. “We have done everything to help Raman and give him every consideration and love but he has some very deep issues that need attention.”

Doja has opened up about her childhood in the past and has credited her mother for inspiring her award-winning projects. In April 2021, the “Say So” musician shared that Sawyer and her grandmother are painters and passed down the creative gene to her.

“A lot of that inspired me to take up fashion and visual, experimental things,” she told Billboard at the time, noting that her mother was a “hippie from the ’60s.”

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