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From Waking Up ‘Blind’ to Sexual Assault During Her OD: Demi Lovato’s ‘Dancing With the Devil’ Revelations

Demi Lovato spoke her truth in a captivating new documentary, Dancing With the Devil, detailing her terrifying overdose, heartbreak and past trauma in the four-part special to be released via YouTube on March 23.

Lovato, 28, discussed the pressure she felt to maintain her image as a superstar and role model for her fans. The songwriter revealed that despite looking like she had it all together, that simply wasn’t the case as she opened up about the struggles she faced behind closed doors and in the limelight.  

In the beginning, fans got to watch never-before-seen footage from a past documentary filmed during her “Tell Me You Love Me” world tour in 2018. “Anytime that you suppress a part of yourself, it’s gonna, like, overflow at some point,” the singer shared about the special, which caused her to hide many things about her personal life.”That’s ultimately what happened to me, in a lot of areas of my life.” The documentary was pulled following her overdose that July. 

Lovato opened up about the day she was found unconscious at her home in Los Angeles, California, months after relapsing. At the time, she was hospitalized for almost two weeks before heading to a rehab and sober living facility for professional help. “I had three strokes,” the Camp Rock alum said in her documentary. “I had a heart attack. My doctors said that I had five to 10 more minutes [to live].” 

The former Disney star said she learned to conceal her addiction over the years, which prevented those closest to her from seeing the signs. “None of my friends know what I was using. I kept it hidden from everyone,” Lovato confessed. “That was one thing I was very good at — hiding the fact that I was addicted to crack and heroin.” 

Among those featured in the doc are Lovato’s former creative director Dani Vitale, best friends Sara Elizabeth Mitchell (a.k.a. Sirah) and Matthew Scott Montgomery, as well as her former assistant Jordan Jackson. 

“I’ve had so much to say over the past two years wanting to set the record straight about what it was that happened,” Lovato said. “I’ve had a lot of lives. Like my cat, you know? I’m on my ninth life.” 

Scroll down to see the biggest revelations from Dancing With the Devil.

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