Is this grandma ready to be a mom again? In Touch talked to Farrah Abraham‘s mom Debra Danielsen exclusively after her weekend wedding to Dr. David Merz, and she’s on cloud nine! “It’s like we’ve been
on this quest to find each other and it’s like, you knew that person was out there,” she gushed. “You just had to find them.”

So, since Deb has finally found The One, the thought crossed her mind that maybe she would like to have a child with Dave. Unfortunately, she’s 61 years old, so the chances of conceiving naturally are low. However, when she started considering other options like adoption, Farrah’s eight-year-old daughter Sophia Abraham shut it down.

“Sophia told me I couldn’t do that because I couldn’t cheat,” laughed Deb. “[She said] that if I was going to have a baby, she wanted me to have it so it would be a real sister to her
mom.” Of course, adopted siblings are just as “real” as biological ones, but we still think it’s cute that Sophia had such a strong opinion.

But what about Farrah’s new step-siblings? Dave admitted that his children aren’t necessarily close with Deb’s daughter. “Honestly, they’ve had issues with the MTV and
Teen Mom thing” he revealed to us exclusively. “They knew about it before I knew anything about it. They knew more about Debra than I did. Especially my daughter, she’s the same age as Farrah. She’d been watching for years and years and years.” Awkward!

If not as a mother, Dave wants Debra to find something fulfilling to do with her life that makes her feel passionate. “I hope that Debra gets into something that she really enjoys,” he said. “I guess she likes this music thing and she seems good at it. I’m just going to keep taking care of people.” So sweet!

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