Uhh … whatever works for them, we guess? Dean McDermott revealed on the “Daddy Issues” podcast that he got the name of his wife, Tori Spelling, tattooed above his, erm, manhood. Interesting choice!

“That it is true, I have my wife’s name tattooed … ” Dean, 52, began, before fellow host Adam Hunter added, “Above the penis?” and Dean confirmed, “Yeah.” “What do you have?” he was asked, and he replied, “It says, ‘Tori’s.'” So the rumors are true!

“No it does not! Are you lying to us?” cohost Nicky Paris asked, and Dean again confirmed it’s the truth. Nicky then said, “I’m sorry, I have so many questions. So how far is it, like, underneath your underwear line?” “No, If I were to have a C-section, it’s below my C-section line,” Dean replied. “It’s that far above my dick.”

“Is this known? Does anybody else know this?” Adam asked. (As if this is life-altering information from Dean, who isn’t exactly known for being the least outrageous guy out there.) “We’ve talked about it before,” Dean confirmed.

tori spelling and dean mcdermott

Then Adam asked the truly important question about Tori: “Does she have ‘Dean’ above her vagina?” The host of Chopped Canada responded that she does not. Adam questioned, “Was she with you when you got her name or did you surprise her?” and Dean said it was a total surprise to his wife. We guess getting roses on the way home doesn’t work for them?

“I just thought it would be great, I thought it would be really cool,” Dean added. He also said that his wife — whom he has been married to since 2006 and shares five children with — “loved it.” Well, we hope she did! Because if their relationship ever went south, Dean would either have a lot of explaining to do later on or would need to get it removed, and that does not sound fun at all.

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