It’s no secret that Dean McDermott and his wife, Tori Spelling, have been through a lot throughout their 13-year marriage — including surviving a cheating scandal. Now, the actor got candid about staying faithful to the 90210 starlet. “Men, we’re like, we need to spread our seed everywhere. It’s [been] in our DNA for millions and millions of years,” he told Us Weekly on Tuesday, October 29. “There’s that, but then there’s also, ‘Oh, God. This relationship is work.’ And it is. Every relationship is work and when you get to that point, you can’t bail. You’ve gotta knuckle under and work it out.”

The Canada native, 52, also explained why staying with one person for the rest of someone’s life can be difficult. “Monogamy is hard for, I guess, several reasons — for wanting that initial lust that we have intrinsically built into us,” he explained. The blonde beauty, 46, echoed similar sentiments during Dean’s podcast, “Daddy Issues,” in June. “The reality is you’re two people,” she began. “I feel like humans, instinctually, it’s really hard to be monogamous because you’re always changing. And if you’re not on the same page, you have to try to change again, and evolve, and be on the same page.”

Tori Spelling Taking a Selfie With Dean McDermott
Courtesy of Tori Spelling/Instagram

In 2013, Dean cheated on Tori. Afterward, the Slasher star got help for his sex addiction at a treatment facility. Now, the couple — who share five kids: Liam, 12, Stella, 11, Hattie, 8, Finn, 7, and Beau, 2 — seem to be in a good place, but Dean couldn’t help but reflect upon his previous mistakes while speaking with his cohosts on his podcast. “I really, really wish that I had been given the knowledge of, ‘Think with your head, not your penis,’ because I did a lot of thinking with my penis,” he confessed in June.

The duo documented what they went through after the scandal during their show, True Tori, which aired on Lifetime in 2014 for two seasons. “When we did True Tori, that was one of our hopes — that it would help others,” he told the outlet. “It certainly helped us because it got us into therapy a lot quicker and sped up the process of dealing with this — we were doing a show around it. It did help people, but I think it was a little too before its time. I don’t think people were ready for that kind of reality. … It was really raw, and we were really vulnerable.”

Ultimately, the pair came out on the other side by airing all of their dirty laundry for the public to see. “We’ve been doing this for a long time now,” he noted. “You know, 15 years for me, and Tori’s been under the microscope since she was a kid. I’ve gotten to the point where Tori’s at now, where you just ignore it, and you have really thick skin about it because it really will eat you up.”

Tori Spelling Smiling at Her Husband Dean McDermott
Courtesy of Dean McDermott/Instagram

We’re happy to see Dean and Tori’s relationship back on track!

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