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Cult-favorite clothing brand Sadire brings you a collection of brand new NFTs that harness satire to respond to current events, memes, and internet culture to comment on history as it impacts the present moment, and directs the future. The kicker? The Sad Times isn’t just any cultural commentary – this NFT uses Sheep to make a point.

So, what exactly is The Sad Times? It’s a project with short and long term goals, and a whole lot of satire. It’s also a collection of 5,000 professionally created, exclusively-released NFTs whose main character is an animated Sheep. Each NFT means ownership of a 1/1 piece of art, and with that ownership comes access to continually receive custom animated NFTs.

The Sheep are just like humans — with individualized characteristics that create rare combinations, these Sheep are all different. With distinct colors and professions, each Sheep is one-of-a-kind. Owning a Sheep grants you access to new unique NFT animations over time, and guess who’s the star of the film or art piece? Your Sheep.  

Dan, the Founder and Creative Director of The Sad Times, has a history of creating cult-worthy art and clothing through his brand, Sadire. The brand has gained impressive status and has been featured in Vogue and worn by celebrities. Sadire isn’t afraid to talk about mental health and sadness, and brings it to the forefront of the conversation. 

Providing an outlet for frustration and sadness through satire is the core mandate at Sadire, and also the inspiration behind The Sad Times project. Other contributing members of the project’s team include crypto and NFT insiders committed to the values at the core of The Sad Times — community and artistic expression for the benefit of mental health awareness.

The Sheep call attention to the fact that many people act like sheep in their everyday lives, and does so in a way that is equal parts satirical and serious.

Dan envisions a future where these Sheep are everywhere. He plans to expand the Sheep into a global brand that incorporates elements of music, community, tech, and more. Dan believes that this is only the beginning of a profound artistic revolution, and he sees NFTs as a space where he can create without limits. 

The NFTs speak volumes due to their high-quality and innovative angle on both art and mental health. Not only that, but this project writes its own story. Alongside professional animation studio artists and driven by Sadire and Dan’s unique social commentary, The Sad Times offers a two-fold experience: it’s a brand-new NFT, but it’s also a unique long-term experience that will only continue to grow. 

Everything You Need To Know About NFTs

Before purchasing your first NFT, it’s smart to get familiar with the basics of non-fungible tokens and how they work. Whether you’re new to digital artwork or a seasoned collector, the primer below can help you out.

What Are NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Some of the most common NFTs are pieces of digital art like the Sad Times project, but an NFT doesn’t have to be a piece of artwork. Non-fungible tokens are one-of-a-kind digital assets that exist on a blockchain. 

So, what’s a blockchain?

Blockchains Explained

A blockchain is a collection of data clusters that are securely stored within a network of computers. Blockchain technology is integral in the cryptocurrency world, and it’s also at the heart of every NFT.

There are numerous different blockchains out there, but the lovable sheep in the Sad Times collection were created using the Ethereum blockchain, best known for the cryptocurrency of the same name. Because the sheep exist on the blockchain, they are incredibly difficult to fabricate or steal. If you’re the owner of an NFT like one of the Sad Times sheep, it’s yours and no one else’s.

Blockchain technology is what makes NFTs so unique; they’re one-of-a-kind pieces of digital art that will never be created again. That’s why these tokens have such high value in collectors’ circles — they’re ultra-rare.

What Other Types of NFTs Are Out There?

The world of NFTs is vast, and its scope reaches far beyond digital artwork. NFTs can be everything from digital representations of physical objects to original manuscripts to tokens representing pieces of real estate. So, why are there so many different kinds of non-fungible tokens?

The reason that there is such a diverse market for NFTs is simple: blockchain technology is incredibly versatile. Creating blockchain-based artwork is one use for NFTs, but there’s more to them than that; since an NFT’s ownership status is impossible to fake, a digital token can be used to verify ownership of real-world assets. That means you might have an NFT that represents something that you own in the physical world.

How Do You Buy NFTs?

The best way to buy exciting new NFTs is to follow creators like Sadire, the minds behind The Sad Times NFTs. You can purchase NFTs directly from creators via marketplaces like OpenSea, a platform that can also be used to create new non-fungible tokens. 

If you’re looking to build your NFT collection, make sure you budget for the hobby. NFTs can be expensive — just like any other form of artwork — but they can also be lucrative investments. Because of their inherent rarity, NFTs’ value often increases astronomically over time. 

Get on the NFT Train

NFTs are just getting started, and the future is looking bright for blockchain-based art. The perfect place to start your collection is with a Sad Times sheep. This wildly creative NFT is designed as an ever-evolving art piece that has its own unique career and color scheme. Talk about one-of-a-kind artwork!

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