Detectives in Belmont County, OH had their work cut out for them. In May 2017, a local coal miner named Brad McGarry was found shot dead in the basement of his home and there was little evidence to point local law enforcement in the right direction. Now, in a sneak peek for Episode 3 of Oxygen’s Criminal Confessions, one of Brad’s friends revealed why she thinks Brad’s death was possibly a hate crime. Watch our exclusive Criminal Confessions sneak peek above and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

In the footage from the questioning, a detective asked Brad’s friend if anyone would have a motive to kill him. “There’s no reason,” the friend said. “If this is not a hate crime…I mean, I don’t know.”

Detective Sergeant Doug Cruse, of the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office, explained that the Belmont County community is a very religious and conservative community.  “I think when people see same-sex couples together, you probably will see some people that are a little bit more taken back by it,” he explained. And since Brad was an openly gay man, there would have been a possibility that his death could have been a hate crime.

“He was having a hard trouble at work,” Brad’s friend said and explained that Brad had a hard time getting along with all of his coworkers. “They moved him after they shut down the one plant down, they moved him down there ‘cause he’s a foreman and he was struggling with that. He said work was really stressing him out. Because it took a lot for him to get associated up there being gay up at that one plant. And he got settled and situated and they all loved him, then they moved him down here and he was just miserable with his work.”

True crime fans will be able to dive into the case and learn how investigators were able to narrow down multiple suspects and determine if Brad’s murder was a robbery gone wrong, a crime of passion, or a hate crime.

Be sure to tune in to the next episode of Criminal Confessions, airing Saturday, Oct. 20 at 8 p.m. on Oxygen.

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