They think she looks awesome! Christine Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives shared a new photo of herself on July 13, and fans took to the comments on Instagram to let her know that they’ve noticed her weight loss. Christine, 47, posted a silly picture of herself with her daughter, Truely, sharing food at a restaurant and wrote, “Yep!! Spaghetti Lady and the Tramp style!! #bonavita. @bonavitaitalianbistro is amazing, fresh and delicious. And FUN!! #Italian #ladyandthetramp #spaghetti #suckinupnoodles #delicious #momlife.” Right away, the comments on her weight came rolling in.

“❤️You look like you have lost a lot of weight!” one person wrote. Another responded, “Wow Christine! You lost weight, you look great! Please share how you did it!😊” That was echoed in another fan comment that read, “You look great … what’s the secret?”

But not every fan was happy for Christine. Instead, a few were worried about the reality TV mom. “Are you OK honey? You have lost a lot of weight, not shaming, just caring ♥️♥️.” There were also a few downright rude commenters who wrote things like, “Example why we should not carry weight. All the wrinkles come out.” (Wow, why not tell her what you really think *eyeroll*.)

Sister Wives fans have definitely noticed in the past that Christine looks amazing amid an apparent weight loss journey. For example, when she shared a photo of herself on Instagram back on January 13, her followers commented with compliments like, “You look fantastic. You are so tiny,” and “You are so skinny! Congrats!”

Christine is, of course, one of four wives to Kody Brown, and even though they all say they love and support one another, it wouldn’t exactly be a shocker to us to hear there’s a little bit of competition among the women to look good even if they’re not necessarily trying to one-up each other. Could that have anything to do with Christine’s weight loss? We hope she’s just doing it for herself — to feel great as well as look great. You keep doing you, girl!

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