Holy moly, Chrissy Teigen already has a full-blown baby bump and somehow fans didn’t notice for several months! The model and her crooner hubby John Legend revealed that they’re expecting their second child on Nov. 21, and just hours later Chrissy showed off the growing bump she’s been hiding. Watch the video below to see how big her tummy is already!

Chrissy did not reveal how far along she was in her pregnancy, but admitted that she’s happy to not have to hide it anymore. We don’t blame her, that bump is huge! Even a Bloomin’ Onion couldn’t explain that. Looking back at her clothing recently, Chrissy has been opting for larger clothes than her regular figure-hugging styles and has used her bag to hide her stomach on multiple occasions. This honestly just makes her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show joke even more hilarious!

In Touch reported Chrissy’s pregnancy on Oct. 18, a full month before Chrissy finally shared the happy news. A source revealed that “Chrissy’s mom was overheard saying, ‘My daughter is so emotional these days because she’s pregnant.’” It looks like her mom totally spilled the beans, even if Chrissy was insanely good at hiding it!

chrissy teigen, getty

Chrissy hides bump with bag on Nov. 15

The pregnancy also explains why Chrissy gave up alcohol in August. At the time she said it was because she tends to go overboard, but maybe she was just trying to throw fans off the scent so they wouldn’t look into it if they noticed that she wasn’t drinking!

Of course Chrissy is chock full of jokes no matter the occasion, and announcing her pregnancy was no different. “It’s John’s,” she captioned the video of baby Luna announcing that there was a baby in her tummy, and when she showed off her bump, she laughed off the fact that all of her friends already knew. Because… duh, that baby bump is pretty obvious! We can’t wait to watch it keep growing until we finally meet the little one inside!

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