So, in case you missed it, everyone kind of went wild after Twitter discovered that there was a baby who looked exactly like John Legend. And while the Internet couldn’t get enough of the adorable comparison Mrs. Legend, aka Chrissy Teigen, just wants it all to stop already!

The whole ting started when a Tweet from a user named Menzi went viral.

In it, a John Legend lookalike baby is seen smiling and laughing. Menzi captioned the pic, “Explain fam.”

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After garnering nearly 20,000 retweets and 50,000 likes people began to submit their own contenders for a John Legend lookalike contest. From more baby pics to people’s selfies, it seems as though everyone and their mothers were posting pics that looked like the singer.

But soon enough, wifey Chrissy couldn’t take it anymore! In a Tweet from July 3, the mother-of-one wanted all her followers to know that she is well aware that there are babies in the world that look like her superstar husband.

“For the LAST TIME, JOHN looks like a baby so A LOT OF BABIES LOOK LIKE HIM STOP SENDING ME JOHN BABIES,” Luna’s mom wrote.

If you know Chrissy Teigen at all, you know that this response falls right in line with her typical social media presence. Like, remember back in May when she took to Snapchat to record getting matching tattoos with a fan?!

“I’m Chrissy Teigen,” the model said to her fans on Snapchat. "And you guys get to pick your ultimate henna on my lower back."

After entering the henna tattoo shop with her new friend, Eddie, a friend of the model’s explained why exactly she was doing this, and it turns out that it was all an elaborate prank to get back at her husband!

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Readddddy. #metball

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"John got to dance with a woman at his concert so Chrissy gets to take one man and hold hands with him," a friend says as the mother-of-one is being tatted. "John, don't be jealous."

So, needless to say, if you don’t already follow Chrissy on social media, you should definitely start!

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