One would not consider accused murderer Chris Watts to be a family man after he murdered his pregnant wife Shan’ann Watts and his two daughters — Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3 — in August of 2018. While the details are hard to swallow, many are intrigued by the chilling case. It’s been nearly two years since Chris, 34, pleaded guilty on November 6, 2018, and many wonder where those close to him stand today.

Chris’ Parents Don’t Believe He Is Guilty

Following their son’s admission, Ronnie and Cindy Watts still protected Chris’ innocence, claiming his lawyer talked him into confessing to a crime with mounting evidence against him — whether he committed those acts or not. “I asked Chris, ‘If you did not do this, do not confess to something you didn’t do,’” Cindy told ABC7 at the time. “(His defense attorney) shut me down. She completely shut me down.” His father, Ronnie, chimed in adding, “If he didn’t kill the children, I want him to face that and let them prove it.”

Cindy insisted her son is not a “sociopath” and justice had not been served. “To me, all they wanted to do was save his life, just save his life. Save his life and life in prison — to me, there’s no difference. He’s going to die in prison. I just want him to fight. I don’t want him to take this plea deal. I want him to plead not guilty to the children,” she said.

Chris Watts Family
The Denver Channel

Chris’ Sister Has Yet to Speak Out

While Chris’ parents have been vocal about their son’s innocence, his sister, Jamie Lyn Williams, has been out of sight. Those invested in the case have wondered why she has yet to speak out. “Where the hell is she in all this? Estranged from the family? I just find it odd that she’s been totally MIA in this investigation,” one Reddit user questioned.

His Neighbor Reveals Details

In 2019, Chris’ neighbor spoke out about what he saw the night Chris allegedly murdered his family. Nathan Trinastich said he was acting “strange” on surveillance footage in Oxygen’s documentary Criminal Confessions. “I definitely was watching Chris’ body language, and at that point in time, he definitely could have been freaking out because his wife was gone and his children were gone, but I just personally thought the way he was acting was a little strange,” he said. Although almost two years have passed, the wounds will never heal for those who lost Shan’ann, Bella and Celeste.

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