As Caitlyn Jenner embarks on her new journey on the competition show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here, her mother, Esther Jenner, is worried about how her castmates will treat her. She hopes they’ll show “respect” towards Cait as a transgender woman, she told In Touch exclusively.

“It’s nothing she asked for, it’s a condition and it starts in the mother’s womb,” the 93-year-old said. Although Esther is supportive, she still struggles to use the correct pronouns.

Esther also admitted she does still grapples with her Cait’s celebrity status. “When your child becomes, oh golly, world famous, it’s very difficult for a mother to put them in that category, [she’s] not a celebrity to me, [she’s] my kid,” she said. “It’s just very difficult, but I’m no different than any other mother, I love my kids.”

According to Esther, Cait, 70, wrestles with her celebrity status as well, which might be her reasoning for doing the adventurous competition. Caitlyn previously competed in the American version of the popular U.K. TV show in 2003, and Esther said Cait liked the short escape from the fast-paced celebrity lifestyle and the Kardashian-obsessed generation.

Caitlyn Jenner mom hopes her i'm a celebrity costars will respect her
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“She was on one survivor program here in the United States, I never watched it, I didn’t even know [she] was going to be on it, and I didn’t care for the format,” she said. “I know it’s very popular in England and Australia, I don’t know maybe people like to see other people uncomfortable or frightened or whatever, I don’t like that. I like to see people peaceful, happy.”

Despite her mom’s preference, Cait assured her mother the show would be good for her. “[But] Caitlyn said you have time to reflect, you have time to look inside your mind, figure things out, [she ]said there are a lot of benefits to that exercise, it’s one heck of an exercise!”

During the competition, Caitlyn will be living in the jungle and will have to fend for herself. Esther said it might be good for her to get in touch with her wild side. “Maybe she’ll learn something, that’s good for her, I approve!” she laughed. “They love her in Great Britain, she’s loved everywhere. I’ll [just] be glad to get her phone call when she’s finished.”

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