The singles scene has changed a lot since Busy Philipps was last on the market. “I was never on dating apps before I got married,” explains the Girls5eva actress, who split from screenwriter Marc Silverstein in 2021 after 15 years of marriage. “They didn’t exist. There were no smartphones. It’s so different now.” Here, the mom of two (she shares Birdie, 15, and Cricket, 10, with Marc) talks exclusively to In Touch’s Lindsay Hoffman about getting back out there at 44, her new Milf on the Shilf campaign with Stir (a dating app for single parents), and the celebrity who left her starstruck.

Tell us about setting up your dating profile.
BP: I put up some pictures and some things I’m looking for and just who I am, I guess. I put that I have two kids. One advantage I have is my social media presence. Anyone who sees me on an app and wants to know more can go to my social media and find out a lot.

Can you share any tips?
BP: I got advice from guy friends. I had put up like 47 pictures at first. They said, “No, that seems insane. You’ve got to cut it back.” And then they showed me the pictures they thought were the most interesting. So asking for advice is absolutely helpful.

Why did you choose Stir?
BP: They reached out to me. I’ve tried a couple apps, but it’s difficult when you meet people who don’t have kids. You’re not really in the same place. I was thrilled to hear about Stir and share it with people.

When it comes to the app, what are some green flags for you?
BP: Someone who’s communicative and isn’t kicking the ball down the field. Sometimes on apps people text a lot, but they never end up meeting. I don’t have time for that.

What do you hope to find in a partner?
BP: I’m interested in people who are nice and funny. I’ve got to genuinely laugh. It’s not worth it to me unless somebody is making me LOL. I like people who have good taste in movies and books and music. And someone who understands there are complications when you date somebody with children. I’d love [to meet] somebody who loves spending time with me and thinks I’m funny and interesting.

How do your kids feel about you dating?
BP: I know I did a public campaign about dating, but the truth is, they don’t need to be involved. I’m not trying on dresses for dates and asking their opinion. When Birdie’s starting to date, she doesn’t need to be concerned about who her mom or dad may be going out with.

Are you looking for something serious?
BP: When you’ve gotten out of a really long relationship, as I have, it’s OK to not immediately be looking for a new husband. I would love for somebody to be my plus-one to go to an art show or to see a band or to just go get nachos.

Do you see marriage in your future?
BP: I don’t know. One of the surest ways to be unhappy is to continually live in the future or the past. So I’m trying my best to live in the present moment!

Who’s made you starstruck?
BP: Tori Amos. When I was 18 years old, I got to meet her for the first time. And I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her over the years since and even interviewing her when she had her last book come out. But the very first time I met her, I legitimately couldn’t speak.

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