New mom Lindsay Lohan has come a long way since her messy, hard-partying days — and former pal Britney Spears doesn’t like it one bit, a source tells In Touch. “Britney is extremely jealous of all the positive attention Lindsay is getting lately,” says the source. “It’s not that she has anything against Lindsay. Britney has just always related to her and felt like they were in a similar boat, so to see her suddenly be back in the good graces of everyone in Hollywood while Britney is struggling to get any real respect is a hard pill to swallow.” Lindsay, 37, is also happily married (to Bader Shammas, 36), while Britney, 42, is divorced once again. “Seeing Lindsay with this happy marriage and a new baby is very triggering for Britney. She’s been crying a lot about how unfair it is that her life is still stuck in a rut. She’s angry at a lot of people and feels like her life has passed her by. She wants to be happy for Lindsay, but she’s just seething with envy right now.” 

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