You better batten down the hatches, Javi Marroquin, because there’s a hell of a storm coming your way! Briana DeJesus called her ex-boyfriend out for allegedly trying to get bak with baby mama Kailyn Lowry, and she thinks he was just using her to get back on Teen Mom 2!

“I had no idea,” Briana said to Radar. “She [Kail] would hit me up and say ‘Javi is lying to you,’ she always said Javi was such a liar, I never understand what that meant.” Apparently, she learned what Kail meant when she read the report that Javi tried to get back with Kail before switching gears and reuniting with his other ex Lauren Comeau. Now, Briana says dating Javi was “stressful” and she’s glad it’s over.

javi and briana

“Javi needs somebody at all times,” she explained. “If he’s not with somebody he’s going to find somebody. I’m not going to fall into that trap. I don’t even really give a s–t anymore. Now that I look back on it. He was only with me to be on TV. Just to get more camera time.”

And Briana isn’t just going to let it go. She’s planning her attack for the reunion, and he better have some damn good answers. “If he was playing both sides of the fence it will definitely come out at the reunion. He has to get put in his place. I’m excited now.” She went on to tweet “snake in the motherf–king grassssss,” and “I’m done holding back,” before sharing the story on Instagram with the caption “I WAS USED!” Yeah, this is going to be a tough one for Javi to get out of unscathed.

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