They were only officially dating for three months, but Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin sure had Teen Mom 2 fans talking. Some devotees of the MTV reality show even thought Bri was pregnant with his baby… and for all we know, she might be! Here's what you gotta know about this dramatic coupling…

Are Javi and Briana still dating?

It seems like Javi and Briana haven't rekindled their relationship since their breakup around New Year's, an end to the romance Bri had only announced in October. "Javi and I are not together anymore," she told Blasting News. "Our future just doesn't line up. He doesn't want me to get my surgery for a breast lift, lipo, and tummy tuck … because it'll look bad on his name at work. Also, I don't plan on moving in with him in the summer, and for these reasons, he broke up with me."

She continued, saying, "I have no bad things to say to about him. He wanted a wife and home right now, and I didn't see a reason to rush. I wish him the best going forward, and I am sad things panned out this way, but this is where things currently stand. Again, we are no longer together."

Are Briana and Javi having a baby?

As far as we know, Briana isn't expecting a little one, but fans have reason to speculate she is indeed pregnant with Javi's baby. For example, in a photo Bri posted online in January, she obscured a greeting card Javi sent her, and her followers thought she wanted to hide the message on the card. And in December, when a fan speculated Bri was pregnant, the reality star wrote back and said, "Not yet."

What does Kailyn Lowry think?

Viewers saw Kailyn Lowry, Javi's ex and Briana's co-star, discuss the romance in Teen Mom 2's May 14 episode when she confronted Bri. "My issue is that you texted me telling me one thing and then Javi is telling me another thing," Kailyn told her. "Javi is telling me that you all are trying to be together. I honestly don't care, but he needs to be real about it, and you need to be real about it, and that's it."

For her part, Briana accused Kailyn of being "salty that Javi is moving on." You see? Bri and Javi's romance was short, but reality TV drama goes on and on!

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