No shame in his game! Social media star Boonk Gang's Instagram was shut down on July 2, only one day after he posted a series of NSFW videos of himself engaging in foreplay and having sex. The rapper (whose real name is John Robert Hill Jr.) nearly broke the Internet with his graphic clips, showing him in various positions with a woman. Boonk immediately became a trending topic on Twitter, after over 5 million people viewed his salacious IG Stories.

Shockingly enough, the risqué videos stayed on Boonk Gang’s feed for several hours after he posted it, and fans are still tweeting about the ordeal. "After watching that dude's Instagram that got blocked I'm like, what is wrong with the world? Down on a lady and she's recording to post on your timeline, how stupid are these tattooed kids. Must you post literally everything on social media," one wrote. Many of his followers admitted they just had to take a peek at the action. One confessed: "Boonk Gang wildin' for the gram. I couldn’t stop myself from watching his Stories."

It looks like enough of Boonk Gang's followers flagged his explicit videos to Instagram administrators and they were quick to take his page down. The rapper even told his fans to go follow another private account as soon as possible, so they could continue to tune in to his wild content. Boonk had around 5.1 million followers, and now, he'll have to start from scratch — if they give him back his IG page. Boonk is no stranger to controversy, as he's admitted that his filmed pranks and crimes are a way to boost his following.

Boonk is an up-and-coming rapper and he dropped his first single “Muttin,” in July 2017. The rapper has been arrested on several occasions, for stealing donuts, suspicion of possessing assault weapons as well as for illegal narcotics. He even previously recorded himself getting whisked away in cuffs and his fans were loving every minute of it. Some fans think the sex videos will be the end of Boonk's career, but others think this stunt will give him all the "clout" and attention he's ever dreamed of. We're still in shock!

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