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Sofia Pernas Is Feeling Empowered and Kicking Ass in Hollywood and on the CBS Show ‘Blood & Treasure’

While it may not be a success on the level of, say, a superhero blockbuster like Avengers: Endgame, one of the breakouts this summer has been the CBS series Blood & Treasure, which feels like a mix of such classic TV series as Moonlighting and Remington Steele with an Indiana Jones-like adventure — a point critics have been very quick to point out.

“The critics are very focused on that,” admits actress Sofia Pernas, who stars as master art thief Lexi Vaziri, in an exclusive interview. “Uh, we know. We address it right in the show. We have allusions to so many movies. But sometimes the critics get their knickers in a twist.”

Indeed they do.

The show, which has already been renewed for a second season, stars Matt Barr as former FBI agent Danny McNamara, who specializes in stolen arts and antiquities; while Sofia’s Lexi is haunted by the loss of her father, which she blames Danny for. As the show unfolds, describes the network, “terrorist Karim Farouk absconds with a priceless artifact and kidnaps Danny’s mentor, Dr. Ana Castillo. Danny recruits Lexi to help him bring Farouk to justice and rescue Ana. As they chase down Farouk, they encounter unscrupulous individuals who may either be useful allies or dangerous enemies, including Aiden Shaw, an arms dealer who acts solely in his self-interest, and Simon Hardwick, an expert at procuring pilfered artifacts. Danny and Lexi are assisted by Father Chuck, a childhood friend of Danny’s who works at the Vatican Foreign Ministry in Rome. Their hunt draws the attention of Interpol agent Gwen Karlsson, who wants Farouk brought to justice, but won’t allow Danny and Lexi to break international laws in the process. As they crisscross the world hunting their target, Danny and Lexi unexpectedly find themselves at the center of a 2,000-year-old battle for the cradle of civilization.”

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz USA

While all of that is intriguing, our particular focus, in this case, is on Sofia. Born July 31, 1989, the Moroccan-Spanish actress, who speaks four languages, includes in her credits the films Indigenous (2014) and The Green Ghost (2018), recurring roles on the daytime soap The Young and the Restless and the prime time show Jane the Virgin as well as a starring role in the NBC series The Brave.

For our interview with Sofia Pernas, please scroll down.

And check out much more with Sofia in the Classic TV podcast from our sister site, Closer Weekly.

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