Billy Brown celebrated his 65th birthday on Dec. 4 by reportedly throwing a lavish birthday bash, but there was just one thing missing — his wife, Ami Brown. According to RadarOnline, sources told the publication that the festivities took place on the beach — a far cry from the Alaskan bush!

As previously reported, Ami was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer earlier this year. In an interview with People in August, the reality TV matriarch opened up about why she is remaining optimistic even though she only has a three-percent chance of survival. "I realized early into this that it’s very easy to want to give up and just die. And on the pessimist side, it could be my last days," she said. "But I have the will to fight." She added, "Worrying about it only makes it worse. There is hope and that hope is having faith in God. You can’t give up. I tell people be happy. Just be happy. It’s a choice. Things can be hard and you just want to curl up but you have to shine."

Although not much is known about the state of her current condition, a photo surfaced recently of Billy and Ami leaving the hospital. Yet instead of expressing excitement that Ami may be on the road to recovery, people were quick to point out the box of Marlboro Reds popping out of Billy's shirt.

"Look closely. Do you deny that there is a pack of Marlboro cigarettes in Billy's pocket?" one person asked. "Do you know that Billy's wife has Stage IV lung cancer? Do you understand the absurdity and hypocrisy of this photo?" Another added, "Billy with his pack of Marlboro Reds, of course. I'm sure he blames Ami's cancer on everything but their smoking habits." A third chimed in, "Pack of smokes in Billy's pocket. That's real nice." Yikes — here's to hoping Ami is on the road to recovery… and has gotten some fresh air!

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