30 References You Definitely Won’t Understand If You Didn’t Watch ’30 Rock’

Damnit, Lemon! It's been five years since the NBC hit series 30 Rock went off the air, and we still catch ourselves quoting it almost daily! The show was based on the crew that worked on a Saturday Night Live type variety show known as TGS, but the funny and sometimes surprisingly tender moments between the different personalities was what made 30 Rock so amazing.

Each character on the show was totally different, from the workaholic and neurotic Liz Lemon, to the cold-hearted businessman Jack Donaghy, to the simpleton page Kenneth. But watching them interact with Tiny Fey's personal brand of quirky humor was magical! If you never got to know them, you might find yourself left out of inside jokes and hilarious references. If you did, we bet you can find a quote for just about any occasion!

All seven seasons are on Hulu right now, and you should definitely do yourself a favor and watch them. But, if you don't have 50 hours to devote to the cause, we can at least catch you up on all of the best moments so you can laugh along the next time someone references the show. Don't be cry! Scroll through the gallery below to see the best moments and most relatable quotes!

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